News 11 March 2013:

  • Topics for the Multilingual and Polish tasks are now available! Contact
  • The deadline for submitting experiments for the multilingual task has be postponed to April 14, 2013.

News 1 March 2013:

The CHiC evaluation lab aims at moving towards a systematic and large scale evaluation of cultural heritage digital libraries and information access systems.

After a pilot lab in 2012, where a standard ad-hoc information retrieval scenario was tested together with two use-case-based scenarios (diversity task and semantic enrichment task), the 2013 lab strives to diversify more of the tasks and become more realistic in its tasks organization. The 2013 CHiC lab will focus on true multilinguality in the retrieval tasks and add an interactive task, where different usage scenarios for cultural heritage information systems will be tested.

Note: The CLEF labs are moving to a new schedule for the 2013 edition. Test collections and queries will be released in January / February, experiments will be due in April. Notebook papers are due in June. Please consult the important dates section for more information.