The Khresmoi Integrated Project (contract no. 257528, aims at developing tools for medical information retrieval. The project is based on two use cases for visual and for textual and semantic information access. The two use cases target three user groups, from lay persons who need to access well explained information of quality to general practitioners who need to access the medical literature to obtain new knowledge to radiologists who deal mainly with images. The project aims at multilingual information access and the access of medical multimedia data. 
Coordinated Activities: Medical information retrieval 
Medicine is one of the most information-intensive fields and potentially affects all of us. Of all exams, imaging has created the largest amount of data available to physicians often with great benefit but also with a risk of data overload. Finding the right information and making it available to the right persons at the right moment is a challenge. The "Visual Clinical Decision Support" use case in PROMISE takes into consideration that the medical literature currently constitutes an enormous knowledge base that includes visual as well as textual information and focuses on the visual information retrieval aspects and the inclusion of images. 
PROMISE and Khresmoi will cooperate on this topic common to both project by: 
• organizing joint dissemination and training events (such as summer/winter schools, workshops, and tutorials); 
• carrying out joint evaluation activities, for example exploiting the PROMISE evaluation infrastructure to experiment with the Khresmoi outcomes; 
• sharing language and evaluation resources, whenever possible.