Paul Buitelaar

Affiliation: Unit for Natural Language Processing
DERI - National University of Ireland, Galway
Address: IDA Business Park, Lower Dangan, Galway, Ireland

Phone +353 91 495007
Fax +353 91 495541

Paul's biography

I am a senior research fellow and head of the Unit for Natural Language Processing of DERI, a leading research institute in semantic technologies at the National University of Ireland, Galway

Before joining DERI in 2009, I was a senior researcher at the DFKI Language Technology Lab and co-head of the DFKI Competence Center Semantic Web in Saarbruecken, Germany.

My main research interests are in language technology for semantic-based information access. I have been a researcher and/or project leader on a number of national and international funded projects, e.g. on concept-based and cross-lingual information retrieval (MuchMore), semantic navigation (VIeWs), ontology-based information extraction and ontology learning (SmartWeb and Theseus-MEDICO), semantic-based multimedia analysis (K-Space). A recent focus has been also on ontology libraries and ontology search (OntoSelect).

Currently, my work has a focus on linguistic analysis and NLP-based applications for expertise mining, i.e. the extraction of expertise topics from text collections, such as scientific literature, for identifying experts and emerging technological and scientific communities. This research is explored in the context of the Lion2 project.

Another line of current research is on 'lexicalized ontologies', i.e. on the linguistic grounding of knowledge representation in ontologies with multilingual terms and their linguistic (lexical) information. In collaboration with other groups we are working on the definition and implementation of 'lemon', a lexicon model for ontologies - please check the LexInfo web pages for more information on this.