The consortium will form a virtual institute whose key objective is to organise research on next generation multilingual and multimedia information systems that integrate different technologies and that operate effectively on large volumes of data. It will be a dynamic and live entity, which will act as a forum where researchers, developers, and stakeholders in the multilingual and multimedia information systems field will have the opportunity to meet, collaborate, share ideas and knowledge, and conduct their own evaluation activities. The virtual institute is characterised by:
  • Basement: the proposed open evaluation infrastructure, the growing knowledge-base acquired through it, the possibility of collaborating over it, the automation brought in the evaluation process by it, the evaluation methodologies and metrics developed to embody realistic use cases and evaluation task and to automate the evaluation process constitute the basement of the virtual institute. Moreover, they will represent, per se, a valuable asset that can be exploited beyond the boundaries and the duration of the project in a long-term perspective.
  • Pillars: the regular and thorough evaluation activities organised on a yearly basis, the realistic use cases and evaluation tasks designed for compelling user and industrial needs represent the pillars of the virtual institute. 
  • Roof: the "basement" and the "pillars" of the virtual institute will give the necessary support for designing and developing the next generation multilingual and multimedia information systems needed to address the emerging user needs and to cope with the interaction among content, users, languages and task.
The PROMISE virtual institute will deploy the following core instruments, aimed at supporting system building, the definition of new evaluation methodologies, community building and technology validation.