Work Packages

WP1: Management and Reporting – WP Leader UNIPD

This work package addresses the management of the NoE and is described in detail in B2. The main objectives of the project management are to obtain:

  • Efficiency of the management, internal to the Network of Excellence and with respect to the EU;

  • High scientific quality of the project approach, activities and results with appropriate completion of milestones and deliverables;

  • High cohesion and cooperation among all the partners;

  • Regular assessment of progress and eventual activation of any necessary measures to put the project back onto track if problems are identified;

  • Explore the possibility to set up a legal entity which will continue the virtual institute embodied by PROMISE.


WP2: Stakeholders Involvement and Technology Transfer – WP Leader SICS

This work package addresses the connection of PROMISE with relevant industry and the application community. WP2 will allow bidirectional communication with these parties: firstly, by inviting companies and agencies to participate in a technology take up group and investigating their requirements. By participating so, they can contribute in setting the research agenda, identifying core thematic lines that can potentially be turned into evaluation tasks in subsequent iterations.

Secondly, PROMISE intends to promote technology transfer from the academic output of the evaluation activities to practitioners, by organizing tutorial sessions where the most successful experiments and methodologies of the worktables are demonstrated for an industrial audience. This will be complemented by training in conducting methodologically sound in-house evaluation, and be updated by providing best practice guideline reports in information system development.


WP3: Evaluation Infrastructure – WP Leader UNIPD

This work package will deliver the evaluation infrastructure that will be at the core of the PROMISE activities. Such infrastructure will be used to carry out the evaluation activities identified in WP2 and WP6, in applying the evaluation methodologies and metrics proposed by WP4, in supporting the collaboration and knowledge sharing as proposed by WP5. 


WP4: Evaluation Metrics and Methodologies – WP Leader UvA

The added focus in PROMISE on new evaluation scenarios means that existing methodologies for conducting evaluation may not be suitable or appropriate. In addition, with the volume, diversity and continual evolution of multilingual and multimedia content being considered, methods will need to be created to generate test collections rapidly, efficiently and effectively, using measures which accurately reflect system performance in operational settings. The main objective of this work package will be to provide input to the evaluation infrastructure and evaluation activities on which metrics and methodologies to apply in the different evaluation contexts and how to efficiently create reusable benchmarks.


WP5: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing – WP Leader ROMA1

This work package will develop the user interfaces and the annotation service needed to promote the collaboration among the stakeholders of the evaluation infrastructure and foster the knowledge sharing and reuse. Moreover, it will bring a radical innovation into the experimental evaluation practices by developing appropriate visual analytics tools to allow stakeholders to effectively analyze and understand the huge amount of experimental data gathered in the evaluation infrastructure.


WP6: Evaluation Activities – WP Leader HES-SO

This work package will be responsible for the coordination of the evaluation activities and evaluation tasks defined according to the use cases identified in WP2. The work package will carry out the main use cases already identified: unlocking culture; intellectual property; and visual medical information retrieval as clinical decision support.

Moreover, it will carry out the assessment and analysis of the experimental results contributing to the overall gathering and spreading of knowledge pursued by PROMISE.


WP7: Dissemination, IPR, and Resources –WP Leader ELDA

This work package deals with all the activities promoted by PROMISE for the dissemination of the achieved results, the knowledge transfer and training, the spreading of excellence, and the technology transfer and exploitation; it will organize the publication of the PROMISE annual conference proceedings; the internal visitors program; the summer school; and the technology transfer day. Moreover, it will ensure that resources (data, metrics, reports, methodologies, new best practices) are made widely available and licensed with a clean IPR and copyright agreements; to conduct a survey of language resources currently available to build  systems and specify sets of  resources for  system building, according to type, language and media involved.