Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AB) is composed by senior external experts drawn from the research and industrial communities targeted by the NoE, who are able to provide an impartial assessment of the work carried out by the network. Members of the AB include also representatives of non-European research and industrial communities. The AB is constituted by:


  • Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo! Research, Barcelona, Spain [information retrieval and access];
  • Makx Dekkers, Independent Consultant, Luxembourg [metadata and interoperability, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative]
  • Barrou Diallo, Head European Patent Office, The Netherlands [intellectual property and patent]
  • Donna Harman, Scientist Emeritus, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA [experimental evaluation and information retrieval];
  • Kalervo Järvelin, University of Tampere, Finland [user oriented experimental evaluation and multilingual information access];
  • Peter Pirolli, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), USA [information visualization and human computer interaction].

The AB will provide external assessment of the results of the NoE and will support the SB by monitoring the scientific progress and industrial relevance of its research activities. In particular, coherent progress towards the declared objectives of the NoE will be checked. The AB will be informed on the project results and progress at regular intervals and will meet regularly at least once a year to provide suggestions with respect to the project strategic orientations and the project research challenges. The PC will attend meetings of the AB. The AB can also invite any other PROMISE member to attend the meeting and/or submit a written report on a specific activity, if considered necessary. Requests of this type must be made at least one month before the meeting. It will also be possible to call phone conference meetings of the AB, if deemed necessary in exceptional circumstances.